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Purpose and Theme

Date of Activities

In the coming 2012, the month of April and 25 April 2012 has been chosen as the official "Joyful Fruit Month" and "Joyful Fruit Day" respectively. It is very much hope that we can work together to bring the activities to its climax. Pre-primary institutions are further invited to organise a series of activities throughout the school year to encourage children to eat fruit every day.

Role of Participating Pre-Primary Institutions

1.Put up publicity posters and hang out banners provided by DH or relevant materials designed by institution/children.
2.Issue a notice to parents, informing them that the institution will launch a series of activities to echo the Joyful Fruit Day and implement an award scheme for encouraging children taking fruit daily. All teachers, parents and children are encouraged to eat fruit together on the designated day.
3. Arrange the following activities on a voluntary basis:
ActivityDate or PeriodDetails
(1)Campus Fruit Party
25 April 2012 or any date preferred by institutions
All teachers and children share fruit together during tea break.
Remind and encourage parents to share fruit with their children on the same event day.
(2)Fruit Diary Card Award Scheme
4 to 8 weeks within the 2011/2012 school year
Distribute Fruit Diary Cards and Fruit Stickers provided by DH to children.
Implement an award scheme for encouraging children taking fruit daily.
Parents may affix a sticker on the fruit diary card after the child has taken fruit. Teachers may give recognition to children who have collected seven fruit stickers in a week by giving a "LIKE" sticker provided by DH.
Institutions may present an award of appreciation or other school awards to children for their keen participation.
(3)Other activities
By end of school year
Strengthen the fruit-eating behaviour by incorporating the element of "fruit" into the learning curriculum (may take reference to the "Suggested Activities for Pre-primary Institution")
4.Pre-primary institutions may provide an URL of a designated webpage containing snapshots or description of fruit promoting activities in institution which would later be used to create links with the official Joyful Fruit Day website.
5.Participating pre-primary institutions can also contribute by sharing event stories and photos with the Joyful Fruit Day Secretariat for consideration in publishing of an e-newsletter. Information should be sent to with subject of "Materials for e-newsletter".
6.Pre-primary institutions are reminded not to provide high sugar, salt and fat food such as confectionaries and desserts in the activities to avoid confusing children with contradictory messages about healthy eating.


Joyful Fruit Day Secretariat

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