Healthy eating can promote schoolchildren's growth and reduce the risks of many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. However, for a number of reasons, healthy eating is not a common practice among local students. According to data from the Department of Health (DH), about one in five of our local primary school students is overweight or obese. In view of the situation, the DH, the Education Bureau and stakeholders from various sectors jointly launched the "" Campaign (ESS Campaign) in the 2006/07 school year, with a view to tackling the worsening problem of childhood obesity and lowering children's risk of diseases associated with eating habits.

The ESS Campaign consists of three major components: EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme (ESAS), Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches and Joyful Fruit Month (JFM). Through accreditation, the ESAS provides guidance and assistance for schools to develop a sustainable healthy eating environment on campus. The Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches aims to enhance the collaboration with lunch suppliers to reduce the sodium content in school lunches, whereas the JFM promotes an atmosphere that encourages fruit consumption to cultivate the daily habit of eating fruit among students. These initiatives are well received by schools, and are enthusiastically supported by various sectors.

All schools are cordially invited to take part in the ESS Campaign as part of our collective effort to build a healthier, safer, more caring and happier living environment, all for the sake of children's healthy development.

EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme

Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches

Joyful Fruit Month