Healthy Snack Checker
To enable users to make healthy snack choices, the Healthy Snack Checker provides classification for prepackaged snacks with nutrition labels in accordance with the Nutritional Guidelines on Snacks for Students published by the Department of Health.

Nutritional Quality
Snacks are classified into one of the following categories based on their nutritional quality:
  • Snacks of Choice: contain less fat, salt and sugar. Students are encouraged to choose snacks from this category.
  • Snacks to Choose in Moderation: contain more fat, salt or sugar. Students should limit the frequency of consuming snacks in this category.
  • Snacks to Choose Less: snacks that are high in fat, salt or sugar, as well as those that contain caffeine or sweeteners (for primary school students only). Students should eat the least of these snacks to minimise the adverse impact on health and growth.
The analysis of the Healthy Snack Checker is based on the individual package size of the snack, which should be no more than 125kcal (525kJ) in energy content, while drinks should be 250ml or less in volume.

Snack Analysis
Input product information and get an instant nutritional classification.

Note: Snacks and drinks containing caffeine or sweeteners are not recommended for primary school students.

Snack Analysis

How to use the Healthy Snack Checker?

Disclaimer: Information provided by the Healthy Snack Checker is for reference only. It was designed for school students. Please consult a healthcare professional should you wish to obtain more detailed information on dietary advice.

"Snack Check" moblie application is no longer being updated since June 2021.

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