Nutritional Facts of Fruit
General Information
  • Nutrients in fruit
  • Recommended fruit intake
  • "One serving of fruit" is approximately equivalent to:
  • What is not counted as one serving of fruit?
For more information on recipes made with fruit, please refer to the "Recipes (fruit and vegetables) "in the"EatSmart Restaurant Start +"thematic website.

Fruit Classification
There are 6 main categories of fruit:
Citrus Fruits
tropical Fruit

Fruit Structure
Fruit Structure of Berry and Citrus Fruit Structure of Pome and Drupe Fruit Structure of Melon

The main sources of nutrition information: The Centre for Food Safety, HKSAR and The Nutrient Data Laboratory, USDA. The above information is for reference only. Please consult a healthcare professional or dietitian in case of doubt.

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