Healthy Eating Policy
School management and other stakeholders (e.g. teachers, parents, etc.) can formulate a "healthy eating policy" in accordance with circumstances peculiar to the school. Such policy can effectively formulate plans on healthy eating in a pragmatic way and lay down a solid foundation for the promotion of healthy eating on a long-term and long-lasting basis in order to create a supportive school environment and atmosphere on healthy eating. Consumption of healthy food can be made easier and more interesting, thereby promoting and maintaining healthy eating habit.

Schools can implement the "school policy on healthy eating" by the following methods:
1)Deliberation on and establishment of the objective
A policy-making group comprising the headmaster / headmistress, teachers and parent representatives of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) should assess the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of students and parents on healthy eating as well as their understanding on schools' eating environment. The group should then draft a healthy eating policy tailored to their school before submitting for deliberation, amendment and endorsement by their staff. The adopted policy should be observed by all parties of the school.
2)Sufficient Communication
Schools would regularly and repeatedly remind all school staff of the policy and keep parents informed by issuing notices and making announcements on the school website.
3)Regular Review and Amendment
To review implementation of policy annually and amend when necessary, so that objectives of school policy are enforced with adequate manpower and resources.

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