Database of School Lunch Suppliers
All information in this database are provided by school lunch suppliers on a voluntary basis. They are responsible for the accuracy of the information and should reflect the truth at the time of data submission. Information contained includes whether a supplier has claimed its compliance with the Department of Health's (DH) promoted nutrition standard for school children based on the"Nutritional Guidelines on Lunch for Students".

All school lunch suppliers should update DH, on a timely basis, of any changes in submitted information or status of business operation, such as loss of the status of "Licensed Food Factory Approved to Supply Lunch Boxes", so that the database could provide most up-to-date information to the public and subject to the followings:
  1. The information uploaded on this Website is for reference only. Whilst the Government expects school lunch suppliers would provide the most accurate and updated information, the Government does not bear any responsibility in ensuring validity, accuracy or completeness of any information so contained.
  2. While updating of information on this Website would be carried out as soon as practicable, the Government does not guarantee or assume, and shall not be liable for, any responsibility in relation to the information or database, including but not limited to any updating of information within a specified duration or otherwise.
  3. The Government shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage incurred, sustained, suffered or be subject to by any person in any manner anywhere in relation to the use of the information or database contained in or found on this Website.

DH welcomes school lunch suppliers to join or withdraw from the dissemination programme at any time. School executives, teachers, parents and members of the public are welcome to send your views to regarding information contained in this platform.

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