EatSmart under the New Normal
Healthy Eating at School

Under the influence of the pandemic, schools may not be able to resume lunch provision in full-scale while the time schoolchildren spend at school may also be reduced. However, it is still vital for schoolchildren to maintain healthy eating habits no matter they are at home or at school.

Eating moderate amount of healthy snacks replenish the everyday energy consumed and the nutrients schoolchildren need. Through a series of "EatSmart Challenge" activity worksheets, schoolchildren can acquire knowledge on healthy eating. Schoolchildren can also learn more about the relevant topics from the posters when they scan the QR code on the Activity Worksheets. 

Besides, our mascots EatSmart Doggie and Sporty Bunny will show up in the brand-new production of "EatSmart under the New Normal" animation to introduce tips on healthy eating!

Lastly, there are many different types of prepackaged snacks available in the market. You can make good use of the Healthy Snack Checker to choose healthy snacks. Through inputting the information on the list of ingredients and nutrition label, you can get to know whether the snacks belong to "Snack of Choice", "Snack to Choose in Moderation" or "Snack to Choose Less" category. The Healthy Snack Checker enables us to choose healthy snacks at ease.

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