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Participating schools can organise fruit promotion activities recommended by the DH and request the relevant materials for these activities. Participating schools can:

1. tick the appropriate box on the reply slip or enrolment form to indicate that they "would like to request materials from the DH". The DH will provide schools with a range of educational materials such as banners, posters, leaflets, educational tools and online resources.
2. post up posters provided by the DH or relevant publicity materials prepared by students under their teachers' guidance.
3. issue a notice to parents informing them that a series of activities will be launched at school to echo the “Joyful Fruit Month”, and that all teachers and students will join the activities in April 2023 or during other proposed periods (A template of “Notice to Parents” can be downloaded from the website);
4. organise the following activities (Please refer to the table below):
Date or Period
Campus Fruit Party
Any date(s)
issue a notice to parents to promote the "Joyful Fruit Month" event and to encourage parents to share fruit with their children
encourage teachers and students to eat fruit together during snack time
Fruit Diary Card Award Scheme
Any designated period (not less than 28 days)
distribute "Fruit Diary Cards" and stickers provided by the DH to students. Parents may use them to give awards to their children for eating fruit in order to help them establish the daily habit of eating fruit
check "Fruit Diary Cards" once a week and record students' fruit eating behaviour by putting stamps on the poster for "Fruit Diary Card Award Scheme" provided by the DH. For example, students who have eaten fruit every day in the past week will receive 7 stamps; students who have eaten fruit for 6 days will receive 6 stamps, and so on
after the activities, schools have to gather posters from all classes and compute the overall score by using the formula below:
Total no. of stamps on all posters in the school x100%
Total no. of students in the school x no. of days
email the overall result to by 15 May 2023 (Monday)
school scoring 75% or above will be listed on the website in recognition of their effort
school may present certificates of appreciation (downloadable from the website) or other awards# to students who have established the habit of eating fruit every day
Vote for My Favourite Fruit
Any date(s)
make use of "Vote for My Favourite Fruit" poster and stickers to organise a voting activity
DIY Handicraft Activity
Any date(s)
distribute the DIY worksheets provided by the DH for students' classroom/home activities
Fruit Colouring Game
Any date(s)
distribute the colouring worksheets provided by the DH for students' classroom / home activities
Fruit & Veggie Race (with game board sheet)
Any date(s)
distribute the game board sheet provided by the DH for students' home activities with family members to gain the knowledge of fruit & veggie throughout the game
Other activities
Throughout the school year
incorporate the element of fruit into the school curriculum (please refer to “Suggested Activities for Kindergartens & Child Care Centres” on the website)

#To avoid confusing students with contradictory messages about healthy eating, please do not provide awards that may encourage students to eat foods that are high in fat, salt or sugar content such as sweets or desserts and food coupons when organising activities.
5. send the event photos and descriptions to the Secretariat for sharing with other schools via the Joyful Fruit Month E-Newsletters and the “School Activity Photo Gallery” on the website (Activities Photos Submission Form can be downloaded from the website).
6. a certificate of appreciation will be issued to schools participating in the “Joyful Fruit Month” and the list of participating schools will be uploaded to our “Joyful Fruit Month” website.


Documents and Resources for Download

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