Nutrition Training Workshop for "" Campaign

The workshop aims to enhance the capacity of school heads, deputy heads, panel heads and teachers of primary schools to create and promote healthy eating environment and cultures, and to nurture healthy eating habits among students.

2022/2023 School year
Activity 1: 25 October 2022
Activity 2: 15 November 2022
(The captioned workshops will be conducted via online teaching)

This is a 2.5-hour workshop covering contents of:
  • Childhood nutrition and eating problems
  • Results of "The Nutrient Testing of School Lunch in Primary Schools in HK 2018"
  • Introduction of "Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches"
  • Roles of teachers, parents and food suppliers
  • Choosing healthy lunch and snacks for school children
  • How to improve and maintain the nutrition quality of school lunch
  • How to select school lunch suppliers
  • How to improve school eating environment with the resources developed by the Department of Health
  • Introduction of "EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme" and the “EatSmart under the New Normal” Scheme
Registration: via Education Bureau's (EDB) Training Calendar

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