EatSmart under the New Normal
Healthy Eating at Home

Healthy eating is a crucial part of boosting immunity. During the pandemic, the amount of time schoolchildren spent on going out reduced while that of staying at home increased correspondingly. Let's prepare your own healthy dishes to eat healthily!

Compared with dining out or ordering takeaway, preparing your own dishes not only allow you to comply with the healthy eating principles easier, that is eat more vegetables and less meat, 3 low (fat, salt, sugar) 1 high (dietary fibre), but also enable family members to enjoy cooking together. Our EatSmart Recipes provide recipes on main dish, snacks, soup and drinks which help you to eat healthier. Our mascots EatSmart Doggie and Sporty Bunny will also show you how to prepare a series of healthy snacks through Videos on Preparation of Snacks. You can also eat healthy easily at home during the pandemic!

EatSmart School Accreditation Scheme

Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches

Joyful Fruit Month