Nutritional Cooking Training Workshop for Chefs
The "" campaign promotes healthy eating to children and the school lunch caterers play an important role of it.

To equip chefs and staff of school lunch caterers involved in recipe design and development with a better understanding of the nutritional requirement of school children, and to develop their skills in designing recipes for healthy school lunch, the Department of Health has organized the "Nutritional Guidelines on Lunch for Students", and share the findings of the "Nutrient Testing of School Lunch in Primary Schools in Hong Kong 2018". To go in-line with the "Salt Reduction Scheme for School Lunches", the workshop also highlighted ways to estimate the sodium content in school lunches, and provided practical suggestions for sodium reduction.

Participants from the following 9 school lunch suppliers and school canteens attended the online lecture of "Nutritional Cooking Training Workshop for Chefs" on 14 August 2020 (in alphabetical order):
  • Delicious Chef King Catering Limited
  • Fit For Life Luncheon & Catering Services
  • Fresh Smart Catering
  • Hong Kong Gourmet Limited
  • Master Crown International Limited (Red Tomato Tuckshop)
  • Murray Food & Beverage Limited
  • Po Kok Secondary School
  • Sailing Boat Luncheon Production Limited
  • St. James' Settlement - James' Kitchen

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