Nutritional Facts of Fruit



Major Growing Areas

Mandarins, also called Mandarines, are mainly grown in China, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Brazil and Mexico, etc.


There are a great number of mandarin varieties. Varieties from China include tangerines from Xinhui  , Guangdong Province, kumquats from Guangxi Province and honey tangerines from Nanfeng, Jiangxi Province. Those from the United States include red tangerines and ponkans.

Nutritional Values

Mandarins are rich in vitamin C.

Per 100 g (Approx. 1½ small-sized mandarins)
Energy 53 kcal
Sugar 10.6 g
Vitamin C 26.7 mg
Dietary Fibre 1.8 g

Buying Tips

It is advisable to buy mandarins that are vividly coloured, glossy and heavy for their size. Mandarins can be eaten fresh, made into jam or juice and preserved as candied fruit.

One Serving of Fruit is Equivalent to:

2 small-sized mandarins

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