Nutritional Facts of Fruit



Major Growing Areas

Plums are mainly grown in Chinese provinces such as Zhejiang, Henan, Jiangsu and Guangdong. They are also grown in California of the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and Australia, etc.


It is estimated that there are hundred-odd plum varieties, which come in different colours, such as yellow, red, black and purple. Some commonly seen varieties in China include Hongxin plums, Zui plums and Furong plums, etc.

Nutritional Values

Plums contain a lot of water, are a low-fat healthful snack.

Per 100 g (Approx. 2 small-sized plums)
Energy 46 kcal
Sugar 9.9 g
Vitamin C 9.5 mg
Dietary Fibre 1.4 g

Interesting Titbits

Recently, plums of various types and colours have become popular. Some examples are Gulf Ruby plums, Mirabelle plums, Emerald Beaut plums, black plums and Dinosaur Egg plums. Dinosaur Egg plums are categorised as pluot, which is a hybrid of the plum and apricot.

One Serving of Fruit is Equivalent to:

2 small-sized plums or 1 large-sized plum

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