Nutritional Facts of Fruit



Major Growing Areas

Loquats, also known as pipa in Mandarin, are mainly grown in places such as China's Jiangnan region, Australia, the United States, Japan, Mexico, Chile, etc.


It is estimated that there are some twenty loquat varieties. Loquats are round or oval. When classified by pulp colour, they can be divided into two main categories, i.e. red-fleshed ones and white-fleshed ones. The better known ones are Motegi loquats and Tanaka loquats from Japan and white-fleshed loquats from China.

Nutritional Values

Loquats are nutritious and have a sweet taste, providing dietary fibre and iron.

Per 100 g (Approx. 5 - 6 small-sized loquats)
Energy 47 kcal
Vitamin C 1.0 mg
Dietary Fibre 1.7 g
Potassium 266 mg
Iron 0.2 mg

Buying Tips

It is advisable to choose plump, even-shaped and obovate loquats that have densely furred, yellowish-orange skin. The best quality ones are juicy, thin-skinned and fleshy.

Interesting Titbits

Apart from being eaten fresh, loquats can also be prepared as candied fruit and used to make sweet soup. Their leaves can be used for cooking.

One Serving of Fruit is Equivalent to:

3-4 small-sized loquats

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