Community Dietetic Services Database

"" Campaign encourages schools, parents and food suppliers work together to build a healthy eating culture at school. From time-to-time our stakeholders expressed that dietetic supports other than those provided by the Department of Health (DH) would facilitate their health promotion programmes. As such, the Government established a dietetic services database to facilitate public access.

On 24 August, 2007 DH has sent written invitation to the Hong Kong Nutrition Association (HKNA), Hong Kong Dietitians Association (HKDA) and Hong Kong Practising Dietitians Union (HKPDU) so that all interested dietitians or nutritionists could list their updated contact information in the database. Listed information has then been updated on a regular basis thereafter.

Submission of information to this database is voluntary and information providers should make sure that information they submitted are accurate at the time of their submission. Companies or organisations have also been reminded to update DH if there is any changes in submitted information so that timely update of the database could be made. DH will try her best to maintain accuracy of the database, and subject to the followings terms:

1. The information uploaded on this Website is for reference only. Whilst the Government expects companies or organisations would provide the most accurate and updated information, the Government does not bear any responsibility in ensuring validity, accuracy or completeness of any information so contained.
2. While updating of information on this Website would be carried out as soon as practicable, the Government does not guarantee or assume, and shall not be liable for, any responsibility in relation to the information or database, including but not limited to any updating of information within a specified duration or otherwise.
3. The Government shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage incurred, sustained, suffered or be subject to by any person in any manner anywhere in relation to the use of the information or database contained in or found on this Website.

DH welcomes other dietetic services-providing companies or organisations to join or withdraw from the database any time. School executives, teachers, parents and members of the public are welcome to send views to regarding information contained in this platform.

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